Launching Your Jewellery Ecommerce Website: Pros & Cons+Solutions
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19 June, 2022

Launching Your Jewellery Ecommerce Website: Pros & Cons+Solutions

“Change is the Law of Nature and change is the only constant!”

This is not just a saying but it is a proven fact, though it was least expected in the Jewellery market currently, the scenario of Jewellery selling is drastically changed. 

A lot of factors led to this evolution of selling the Jewellery online such as:

·      Customers are more prone to Online Shopping after realizing the ease of it

·      Big E-commerce marketplaces have developed the trust of customers in Online shopping

·      Major Impact was lockdown which made customers realize the importance of Online shopping

If all the things that are available in the brick-and-mortar business places are sold via Online websites then why Jewellery cannot?

The main reason behind it is that Jewellery is an expensive investment and it required time to develop trust. And eventually, the trust is developing slowly by steadily, and thus, now customers are shopping for the most expensive Jewellery online.

Setting up a digital Jewellery shop has its perks and problems. Let’s discuss a few of them.

Pros of a Jewellery Ecommerce Website

·24X7 Open

The best thing about the online jewellery website is you do not need to worry about the timings. The customers can shop from you 24X7 at their ease and time.

It is not mandatory for you as a physical shop to serve them, they will surf and can select the jewellery pieces according to their choice.


With your Online store, the time and place constraints do not come in your way to help and work for your business to grow. You can work for it anytime, anywhere.

·You are your boss

Once you start your Online Jewellery Store you can take all the necessary decisions for growing your sales. You do not need to take approvals to process your ideas to help your business grow.

·Connect with Online Marketplaces to grow

You can even connect to the marketplaces to sell your jewellery on their platform. This will increase more visibility to the possible customers and eventually your website will gain popularity.

·Generate More Sales

Jewellery business owners have multiple possibilities to grow their business and going online further multiplies the possibilities. You can work on your promotions online to reach more audiences that will in turn become your customers.

Cons of a Jewellery Website & Possible Solutions

· Survival

For any business to survive or thrive it is very important to generate customers. It is a bit difficult for customers to come to your online store directly as there is a lot of competition.

Solution: You are the face of your Online Store, you can dominate your visibility on Social Media channels to draw the attention of your customers. The prices, discounts, freebies, or any other marketing techniques can be applied to help the sustainability, and then once you are established the business will grow automatically.

· Traditional Mindset of Customers

Jewellery is an expensive commodity. Customers are more prone to buy it from the family jeweler because of the generations of trust acquired. More even buying online does not give you the possibility of trying the jewellery piece or feeling it.

Solution: The Online Ecommerce world has changed drastically in a positive way. Newer technologies such as 3D models, high-definition photographs, and rendered images give the idea of jewellery’s look. Augmented reality can help the customers to try on the jewellery piece they like.

· Converting Visitors into Customers

The most challenging part is to develop the trust of customers in your brand. You may be able to draw a lot of visitors to your online jewellery store but converting into potential customers is difficult.

Solution: With the testimonials of happy customers and with exclusive and trending designs, you can create your niche market. Once you are identified by a few your customer base will automatically grow.

 Everything in this world has its pros and cons. It is up to us to accept the pros and find solutions to the cons to grow.

There is no doubt, that based on the current market scenario and changing customer behaviors, Online Jewellery Store is the future of a successful Jewellery business.